Undiscovered still…..this is actually my second post.  I’m new to blogging but need a new outlet to tell my secrets to that I can’t tell n e one. Not even my therapist.  That must sound awful that someone would feel comfortable telling complete strangers about their lives but can’t tell a single soul around them.

I don’t currently have a boyfriend but am dating, would actually put myself in the category of ‘promiscious’.  I love sex. Since I’ve been single for so long I’ve become selfish and what is cliché.  It’s true, all true, the single lives out there.  They are cliché and don’t let anyone tell you different.  It may start out different but soon if you stay single long enough all the clichés come true.

Which brings me back to my first point…undiscovered still.  Just wanted.  Just needed.



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